Gasko & Meyer, Inc. is a fourth-generation beverage distributor. We are committed to promoting craft beer and fine wine while providing retailers with premium beverages from the world’s best brewers, winemakers, distillers, and non-alcoholic drink producers. These products are properly stored, delivered fresh with dependable, reliable, and knowledgeable service so they can be enjoyed by consumers in the state of New York exactly how the brewer/producer intended.


Encore Wine Imports was founded in 2006 by Susan and Lance McKee. What started as a love affair with French wines and Juveniles Wine Bar in Paris evolved into an enterprising import and distribution business. Their mission was to find great people making great wines from around the world that they could bring to the New York market. Brian McKee joined his father in 2010 after years working at a major fine wine distributor in NYC. In 2018 Encore joined the Gasko & Meyer family of companies and acts as its importing arm. The focus is still on family owned small production wineries that can be relied upon for both quality and value with an emphasis on those that embrace natural and sustainable practices.


Since 1977, County Fountain Supplies, Inc has been the leading independent fountain soda and juice distributor in the Hudson Valley. In 2013, it joined the Gasko & Meyer, Inc. family of companies and remains a sister service company specializing in the installation and maintenance of draught beer, soda, and wine systems and the leasing of ice machines.



Distributing since 1939CELEBRATING 83 YEARS

Gasko & Meyer, Inc. started in 1939 with Carl Meyer. In 1940 partner, Adam Gasko joined who helped Meyer acquire the rights to distribute Schaefer Beer and Gasko & Meyer was formed.