In 1939, Carl Meyer began to distribute George Ehrets beer in Sullivan County. George Ehrets Beer was brewed in Brooklyn, NY. Shortly after this, Mr. Meyer began to distribute soft drinks such as Pepsi, 7-up, and Hires Root Beer. These sodas were bottled in Binghamton, NY. Back in the 1940’s, soda was sold for about $.80 a case.

In December of 1940, a man named Adam Gasko helped Carl Meyer acquire the rights to distribute Schaefer Beer. At the time, Schaefer beer was brewed at the F & M Schaefer Brewery on Kent Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Schaefer Beer was the number one beer in the 1940’s. In 1941, Adam Gasko joined Carl Meyer in the beer business and Gasko & Meyer, Inc. was formed.

Around 1942, they bought out Bethel Beer Distributor, which was owned by Lotte Ehmer. Gasko & Meyer Inc., then began selling Genesee Beer, which was brewed in Rochester, NY, Utica Club, which was brewed in Utica, NY, and Schlitz, which was brewed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Back in the 40’s it took approximately two days to get up to Rochester to pick up a load of beer. The beer was hauled using straight job trucks and the roads were not in the best condition. Schlitz beer came in to Cochecton, NY by railroad. This was only about 4 miles from Lake Huntington.

In 1950, Adam Gasko sold his share of the business to Carl Meyer. Carl and his wife Loie Meyer, ran the business along with their sons, Cameron and Bruce. After Carl and Loie passed away, Cameron sold his share to Bruce. Bruce and his wife, Dorothy, kept the family tradition going. In 1982, Jeff Nober (son-in-law) moved up to the management division. In 1991, Mary Jane joined her parents, Bruce and Dorothy, and her husband, Jeff. Together they continued to grow the family distributorship. Over the 80 years that Gasko & Meyer, Inc. has existed, they have continued to grow in leaps and bounds. In February of 1999, Gasko & Meyer, Inc. bought out Black Forest Dist. of Cairo, NY. This enabled them to branch out and offer a “Specialty Beer List” from all over the world.

During the winter of 2005, both Bruce and Dorothy Meyer passed away leaving Mary Jane and Jeff to carry on the family business. In May of 2005 they welcomed their son Bruce and in May of 2009 their son John into this now fourth generation distributorship.

Gasko & Meyer, Inc. still distributes Schaefer Beer along with many other domestic, imported, and craft beers. In 2012 a wine and spirits license was obtained. In 2013 County Fountain Supplies, Inc. was acquired adding fountain soda syrup, bag in the box juices, and beverage gases to the portfolio. It also added a service division that still operates as a separate company. In the fall of 2018 Encore Wine Imports was acquired which took the wine portfolio in a similar direction as the rest of the company which was to focus on hand crafted and premium products. With this acquisition the distribution footprint was expanded to statewide coverage.

Gasko & Meyer, Inc. still prides themselves in being a “smaller, family owned distributor.” We give our customers the best service possible. And as far as our suppliers, each of them receives special attention.